Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pine Cone Wreath

This is one of those projects that has been on my list to do for many years, maybe 7-8 years, I just never remember I want to do it or don't find the time, well this year...

I am working on a pine cone wreath, a simple wreath packed with these wonderful natures treasures. Why now? Well I was at an ATM that I had to walk up to and there were all these pine cones laying around, I remembered the wreath I always wanted and told myself I was going to do it this year, or at least try. So I had meant to go right after using the ATM and scoop some up, but I forgot - yes it was only about 2 minutes, but I forgot. I did go back later that day and got a whole bag of small and large ones. As I drove around I was on the lookout for more trees in case I need a few more.

So I have sort of instructions I am following from a Martha Stewart Holiday book, they are not great directions so I have had some frustrating figuring out a detailed way to do it buy I now have a good system and a lot of pine cones that need to be readied.

  • Pine cones
  • Wire wreath blank
  • Floral sticks
  • floral tape - I am using brown
  • Floral wire
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Pliers / wire snips
You need to glue sticks to the bottom of the pine cone, at the stem where the pine cone is hooked to the tree, most have a nub left. I found if I trimmed this with my wire cutters then gouged out a little divet I could fill that with hot glue and rest the stick in the well until dry.

After they dry trim the stick to about an inch, then use the floral tape to attach a wire to to stick. From this point you secure the pine cones to the wire wreath frame. This is the step I am on now, actually I had about 10 on the wreath frame but pulled them to start over, actually to trim my sticks to one inch, then start over. I think I am good to go and will post more as I work on it more.


maninthemoonherbs said...

A grapevine or nito wreath form works really nicely for pine cone wreaths. You can hot glue directly to the base without using floral picks and little gaps aren't very obvious due to the color of the vines.

Nauli said...

I met you on the etsy forum and just became your follower. Wow! A lot of articles and photos to discover on your blog!

Midnight Creations said...

Man in the moon, always good to see you. : )

I was doing some research online and saw that as an option, but really why would I want to make things easy on myself???

Actually that is a great idea to do little ones, just on the top then hang them in the bathroom with guest towels...hmm yet another project.

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