Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Home Show Wrap Up

It has been one week since my home show, and I said I would report back. My show was great fun and a great success, a few bumps start to finish but that happens with a lot of things. I had about 26 guests the day before (I had a few sneak peaks) and the day and evening of the show. It was less then last year but in a way that was better as it was so much less stressful.

My 3/10.00 Buffet, I had over 200 items

I was very pleased with my product and the feedback I got from various friends, it is also nice to see friends and catch up though the evening goes SO fast I had wished people would stick around and visit more.

Looking into my dining area

A wall of purses

Each year I have a hot item, I wish I could predict and prepare for it. Last year it was ponytail holders and calendars, this year it was jumbo book mark paper clips and heated rice packs, I sold out completely of these items and have to make about 14 more paper clips.

Large Heated rice packs

Small Heated Rice Packs

Food and drink, I ended up doing more simple less food and did it about perfectly. I did Cinnamon chips and fruit salsa, veggies and dip, olive appetizer and a cheese ball, and for a sweet treat pumpkin bread.
My "bar" area, not yet stocked

Dish layout for food

Yummy Pumpkin Bread

I also did not do door prizes or drawings for prizes instead I opted to give everyone a freebie on check out, I had a variety of small handmade items and everyone seemed happy to pick out their own little gift.

So another fun and successful holiday show, I am hoping to take some of this experience and do more off line events in 2010.


WildHorseArtisans said...

That is so cool! I haven't tried a home show, it's a whole new world to me! Haha! But yours looks great!

Gifted Designs said...

Wow...your set up looks SO good!

I like the idea of hanging things on the wall. I have jewelry and I thought it might be fun to do netted frames to hang earrings on. And then create simple but funky busts for my necklaces that would make it gallerish in appearance.

Alas for me, there isn't really anything that I could make inexpensively that wouldn't compromise the jewelry I sell and just LOOK cheap in comparison. I don't know how to explain it properly as usual. I don't mean they would look like less quality...just considerably quicker and like I didn't spend any time on them because of how simple they would have to be.

I was thinking what I could do was offer a candy bag or something and inside it would be random percentage off their next purchase. Does that sound whack?

BagsByMelanie said...

I love your wall of purses, that is fantastic! I am so envious!

Annette Piper said...

What a great set up you had! I'm glad it went well for you :)

ByCoco said...

Great series of articles. Can't wait to hear you other ideas for 2010. Hope you document them as well.
Coco of ByCoco on Artfire and Etsy

MissMalaprop said...

I like the way you displayed everything around your house! Did you use the entire house or is this just certain rooms?

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