Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Scrap Quilting Items

Continuing my scrap fabric clear out and have made quite a few new items.  Pieced cosmetic pouches, above.  Below are pieced composition books.  They were all quite fun to do and really knocked down my scrap.

 About a dozen composition book in total, in mostly random color combos.

Inside the piecing continues, the composition book slides into wrap around pockets, so when the composition book is used it can be replaced and continued to be used.

More shaped piecing, above my interpretation of a slice of watermelon, using some black buttons to be seeds.

As I worked through the scraps and make loads of yo-yo's in varying colors.  The above is a work in progress of an idea a large clutch that has been pieced and quilted with a sprinkling of these yo-yo flowers.  I have yet to complete any of these but plenty in the works.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Impromptu Birthday Gift

I take a deep water exercise class at the YMCA, one of the ladies was turning 65 and this was the gift I made.  Most don't know that I sew and sew A LOT, so this received lots of raves.  The theme of the gift was to do something 65-ish, so my take was to sew on 65 buttons to this jean cosmetic pouch.

I have loads of buttons, it was fun counting and re-counting the buttons to make sure I got it right, I used red and white buttons, and lined it in a red and white polka-dot.  I think start to finish, including hand sewing 65 buttons was about 2 hours.  I used hand quilting thread to secure the buttons so I could do less hand sewing with a  stronger thread.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Items From the Scrap Basket

I have spent some time going through my mountain of scraps and making a few pieced items.  Before Valentines day I made a bunch of these heart coin purses.  And below a few houses with raw edge applique and an assortment of embellishments.

The piles started like this, sorted by colors, I spent about two days ironing and sorting by size, it looks so ready to go when done, and kind of a relief to do some sorting and tossing. 

I started with the hearts and just sewed like colors then cut into my heart shape.  I dropped these off at Yellow Door before Valentines, but I like them so much I added a few to my etsy shop, and plan to offer them for the year. 

For the houses, I sort of played around with the size and made the zipper at the top of the roof.  A variety of windows, doors and fun shapes go into each one.  I used rick rack, buttons, ribbon flowers and some random quilting to highlight each house. 


I really like these and will continue to make house zip purses in vary shapes and sizes.  I have a few variations and shapes I will be adding through 2014.

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