Monday, January 18, 2010

Amy Butler Quilt

Yes, these pics are dreadful...but it is pitch black outside. : )

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The New Snow-Woman in Town

I am going to guess it has been well over 20 years since I built a snowman, well there may have been a night in college, but I can't say I really remember that. Anyway it was nearly 40 degrees today and the perfect time to build a snowman with our 4 year old.

Well she sort of helped as she chanted I am building a snowman as my husband and I rolled balls around the backyard. The snow was not super packing but we knew any size snowman would do. I also had tucked away a snowman face kit that I bought when my daughter was just a baby, knowing it would see snow someday.

When we opened the snowman in a box we were happy to see it was a snow woman, complete with tiara, flower accent and a big red necklace.

And to complete our fun in the snow we all had a cup of hot chocolate and had a toast to our new friend in the backyard.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year

Sigh...I always said I would never blog and say "sorry for not blogging" alas I have not blogged now in over a month. But that is ok, I was very busy over the Christmas holiday time and blogging was just easy to put aside. New year and lots of thoughts in my mind for the new year. Some of the things I plan and hope to blog about in the new year.
  • FAQ for my shop, I get lots of questions and thought compiling a listing of the most FAQ would be an easier way for me to answer completely.
  • Care and use tips on items from my shop. I do offer this in my profile on my shop but want to provide some additional info on items and maybe a few photos to help you care and get the most use out of your items.
  • Giveaways, yes these are fun and I will be doing more in the future, I would like to do one about every other month or so.
  • Selling tips, I get asked a lot for selling secrets, well I don't know that I have "secrets" but thought I would offer my perspective and assistance for those who find me along the way for information.
  • Recipes, these are fun for me to do and share. While cooking is often a chore sharing a favorite meal or a new technique seems to make this sometimes "chore" more bearable.
  • Organization, ok this may be ironic if you saw the state of my sewing room at times, but I have a ton of stuff packed into a small area and have lots of little tricks to help organize crafting chaos.
  • More shop features, yes this is fun and I want to share more of my faves
While it is cold and snowy here in Michigan I hope to be back on track blogging in 2010, I do enjoy this as creative outlet. See you soon! ! !
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