Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Scrap Quilting Items

Continuing my scrap fabric clear out and have made quite a few new items.  Pieced cosmetic pouches, above.  Below are pieced composition books.  They were all quite fun to do and really knocked down my scrap.

 About a dozen composition book in total, in mostly random color combos.

Inside the piecing continues, the composition book slides into wrap around pockets, so when the composition book is used it can be replaced and continued to be used.

More shaped piecing, above my interpretation of a slice of watermelon, using some black buttons to be seeds.

As I worked through the scraps and make loads of yo-yo's in varying colors.  The above is a work in progress of an idea a large clutch that has been pieced and quilted with a sprinkling of these yo-yo flowers.  I have yet to complete any of these but plenty in the works.
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