Sunday, August 2, 2015

Upcycled Chair Cover Tote Bag

I received a few chair covers that were sort of a hand me down, but never opened so it is a bit unfair to call this an upcycled item, but one of them has been given a new life. 

A few pictures of it in its intended use, as a chair cover.  It had a nice canvas weight and the front areas were actually a quilted fabric.

Here are the main components dis-assembled, there was a front, back and the arm areas.  I removed all the hems, seams and elastic

The tote completed, I used the quilted fabric for the sides and the handles.  I paired this with a quilting fabric in an olive floral, the front which is the side shown, has a pocket, that does not show in the floral fabric.

I made the handles out of the quilted fabric and added a band of the floral to break up all the green.

Inside it is lined with the plain canvas that was the back of the chair cover, I added a magnetic snap as a closure.
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