Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Been a Way a While But Busy

So I thought I'd share this part of my life, for the last 6 months or so I have been on a quest to lose 80 pounds, and today I reached 45 pounds down.  I have done this mainly by calorie counting, portion control, less snacking and very recently eliminating diet soda.  I eat things in moderation and do not specifically follow any weight loss plan, I loosely follow the "Volumetrics" theory, and "If it Fits in Your Macros (IIFIYM).

I use daily in fact MANY times daily an online calorie counter called My Fitness Pal, which I discovered in July when I got my Ipad.  Tracking calories and nutrients has been the backbone of my progress.  I lost most of the weight so far through eating, with some exercise, this is changing since 2013.

I have joined the local YMCA and am now taking a deep water exercise class three times a week, spinning once a week, and weight training two times a week.  To this I walk on my own, roller skate one to three times a week, and do some home kettlebell, circuit training and yoga.  Sounds like a lot huh, I'd be impressed.  Actually I am impressed admittedly I don't like working out and 6 months ago a walk or a skate once in a while was the total sum of my workout routines.  I do like the results and accept this has to be part of the game now, so hopefully some day I will love this aspect of my new found healthier lifestyle.

I know everyone loves before and afters.  First picture taken mid July after set up at an art fair, second picture is today January 29th, 45 pounds down.  Then below face comparison.  I still plan to lose another 36 pounds and hope to do this by about September, I know now it is a journey not a race.

 Thanks for looking, every single day I am excited to be losing weight!

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