Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Artyah a New Handmade Website I am Diving Into

Beginning to list items on Artyah this summer.  I gave it a half hearted attempt in 2016 and I made one sale.  I let the listings expire, but recent conversation has led them there again.  To promote this new venture I made some bookmark type business cards to pass out at local shows.   My Artyah Gallery is the Midnight Creations, the same as I use all around the web and in person. 
Simple cardstock with the Artyah logo and a small note that I will be having my creations available.  I am also working on show flier to hand out and will include that along with my Etsy address and local retail outlets. 
I cuted them up with some torn fabric as the tassel.  I hope to chat this up Saturday at the Berkley Art Bash.  I have made 48 of these to hand out, I will make more as necessary, and plan to send them in packages.

So the freebie market tote is for all through the end of August, visit my new and still stocking Artyah shop here.

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