Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Vacation and Blogging How I Miss Thee

Ok, maybe a little dramatic lots of activity for me, none of which is blogging.  Summer vacation has started and four days in I have the feeling I am not the master of my destiny...well time anyway.  This combined with getting ready for Plymouth Art In The Park has kept me busy and away from blogging, though I think about it and have some ideas I just cannot find the time to put down.

Really Plymouth prep has me completely consumed...well it has, I finally feel as though I have enough stock to take having JUST this week reached 1000, yes that is ONE THOUSAND items made.  I will note I still have the stuff I am not fond of making still to do, like large totes so really some of these loose ends like the totes, list takers, e-readers and crayon rolls still to come. 

Tomorrow is the annual neighbor hood garage sale which I am reluctantly doing - again giving away more time, since it is mainly me doing all the work.  I am however going to use this opportunity to set up the tent and play around with displays and finalize my layout and get ready to make a few that is sort of keeping me going, though the thought of un-storing and dragging out a thousand items seems challenging in the 90 degree heat we have been having in Michigan.

Anyway I am around but not blogging and thought while I am at it share some lovely treasury features.

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