Thursday, October 3, 2013

Custom order Mini Accessory Sets

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Here is what I have made up, let me know if any look good :)

New Items Dopp Kits

I have finally mastered a box pouch or a Dopp Kit.  A Dopp Kit is a boxed shaped toiletries bag traditionally used by men to hold shaving and other supplies when traveling.  Often made of leather or vinyl, of course I only use the cutest of cottons, so sadly once again the boys get gipped. 

I have two sizes, each zip closures and tabs for easy zipper pull, the larger has a handle.  The best part of these pouches is no exposed seams, when you look inside it is beautifully finished, like all my other zip products.  This was essential for me to start offering these so it took a few trial and error and a peek at a few tutorials to get it right, I hope to offer more sizes in the future for now I have two.

Small size, which is more a mini size is 5"w x 3"d x 2.5-3"t.  They vary some as beyond the intitial cutting I sort of eyeball the rest so they do vary up to a 1/2" in any direction.

The large size, which also has a handle on the top is 7"w x 5"d x 4"t, these too may vary ever so slightly.  This is a great size to tuck in a weekend bag or use in the bath for morning routine.

It is hard to pick a favorite feature, but what I do love is the inside, no seams and when pulled open you can see the items. 

I have already been selling these locally at shows as well as Yellow Door Art Market.  I began offering them this week in my etsy store, small $12.00 and the large $18.00.
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