Thursday, March 6, 2014

Impromptu Birthday Gift

I take a deep water exercise class at the YMCA, one of the ladies was turning 65 and this was the gift I made.  Most don't know that I sew and sew A LOT, so this received lots of raves.  The theme of the gift was to do something 65-ish, so my take was to sew on 65 buttons to this jean cosmetic pouch.

I have loads of buttons, it was fun counting and re-counting the buttons to make sure I got it right, I used red and white buttons, and lined it in a red and white polka-dot.  I think start to finish, including hand sewing 65 buttons was about 2 hours.  I used hand quilting thread to secure the buttons so I could do less hand sewing with a  stronger thread.

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