Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Quilt on the Horizon

Soon we will be putting our little one into a twin bed, out of the toddler bed and onto bigger and better things. I am excited I have settled on a quilt pattern to make for this event. The colors were obvious and only pink and purple will do, I will throw just a splash of aqua and orange just to give a bit of a break from all purple and all pink.

I have a few months to get this ready, I am pleased I am starting before the bed arrives and not months later sewing for deadlines can be stressful even if it is just staying at home. This is the first quilt I have made for my daughter since she was born, when we first did the room we did not know what were were having so I went with a neutral color scheme in jeweled tones of navy, purple, chartreuse, kiwi and royal blue.

I had imagined I would be pouring of books and patterns for a while before I found the perfect pattern, but I saw it at a glance at a local shop and knew instantly she and I would both love it. And that I could work in lots of bold pinks and purples and fresh daisies makes it the PERFECT choice.

I have 9 different fabrics for the blocks and right now only 4 for the petals, I need a few more petal fabrics and still need a sashing fabric, but I figure the petals and the blocsk will take a while so I have some time to get all the components. I will also add a border but will do that when the top is pieced to see what works best, though I am sure I will use leftovers in the borders.

This is the approved color pallette

Pattern with petal fabrics

This quilt looks simple but the flower petals are all appliqued, so lots of cutting and I will be using a simple technique where you sew iron on fusible web right side to right side to the fabric, turn inside out, iron to hold in place, then machine stitch down. Simple right? Except each block has 20 petals, which also means 20 interfacing, so 40 petals per block times 15 blocks is 600 petals to cut. Luckily my husband has volunteered to help, and we can cut several at once so it shouldn't take that long - well that is what I told him anyway.

There is something special about making a quilt for a child, knowing she will be tucked in night after night for years is a great feeling. Quilts bring such color and personality to any room and I am hopeful even when she outgrows purple and pink the quilt will be with her for many years, and I will remember the excitement of "look mommy made it".

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Annette said...

I love that quilt design and love even more the fabric selection! You'll have to post pictures during the process.

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