Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Holiday Home Show Invitations Sent

It is for real, I am having my home show, invitation sent and RSVP's coming in now. I will be having my second annual home show on November 19th, I sent the invitation on November 2 giving about 2 weeks for guests to respond. I used evite, and find it very handy to keep track of my list and all responses, it gives guests a chance to include a friend or a comment both will be helpful in final preperations.

When drafting your invitation here are some things you may want to remember to include:
  • Date, time, location
  • Items cash and carry, made to order
  • Will you ship items, have a shipping schedule available
  • Types of payment you can have, ie checks, cash, credit cards
  • Highlights of the show such as door prizes, giveaways, freebies
  • Food and drink, appetizers, beer and wine
  • Demonstrations, if relevant to your items
  • Sneak peek to your items, include a link to your online shop
  • Pictures of products in your invite
  • Welcome guests to bring a friend
  • Kids allowed, can or will you provide babysitting
  • RSVP a good date is the weekend before the event so you have the weekend to do shopping
I also printed up paper invitations for those who do not have computers, or I have not seen but know would enjoy the event. This also gives you an opportunity to write a personal message to catch up if time has passed. I also keep a few on me if I am traveling about town and run into an acquaintance who might be interested. And lastly I walk around to a few neighbors whose email I don't have.

I am really ahead of the game as far as product goes, so I am now turning some attention to small details.
  • Getting bags ready, last year I hit shops after Christmas and stocked up on Christmas gift bags for packaging, I think I have about 30-40 or more which should be plenty but the dollar store is a great source, get a variety of sizes and themes, everyone loves a pretty package. I would NOT use grocery bags, make it festive. Or upcycle bags from Christmas past or make and decorate your own, get the kids involved.
  • Plates, napkins, cups, again I managed to grab some after Christmas last year, but rounding it up into one spot to make sure I have enough. Also if you are doing entertaining this holiday season think ahead, buying in bulk can save money, buy simple red and green as a bulk option.
  • Planning food and drink, I have a few stand by easy appetizers and will be doing those and will be looking for a few new ones to mix in as well.
  • Watch for sales on beverages if you are serving alcohol this is important, stick to a good low cost wine, remember for your guests it is nice to sip and shop, I don't think it needs to be super premium beer and wine, again you can stock up if you are entertaining later this season. Also this is good for soda, a variety of large packaging is a good idea too.
  • Will you be doing door prizes, giveaways, freebies with purchase. If making or buying getting those together and wrapped or packaged.
  • Rounding up baskets, buckets, plates or whatever I can use to display my items, I have a lot that can sit in baskets, however some need to be freed up, organizing now will save a big dumped mess around show time.
  • Cleaning and getting ready, for me this means still moving summer toys and items out of the foyer into the basement and garage. You know things you have just left sitting around that need to go to their storage place. I also rearrange furniture so getting ready to do this and considering it all now.
These are some of the things I am doing right now for a show that is just over 2 weeks away. I will be writing next time about some of the stand by reciepes I use and timing to get those ready to be served. How is your home show coming, there is still time to plan. You can view my past posts on this under "Labels" left on my blog, look for "Home Show".


DixieDoodleGoodies said...

i love this Home Show idea!!! I wish I had the inventory for this!!!

Jenny said...

Good luck with your home show! I've been talking about my own home show that is coming up, on my blog. Mine is on Saturday, so I'm getting close to the end. It'll be my third. I hope yours goes well.

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