Friday, November 13, 2009

How Long Can a Tote Last

A recent trip to see a friend I was surprised by this blast from the past. Do you remember these Esprit bags? They were from the mid 80's were canvas and seemed to come in a lot of colors.

I did not have one but remember them vividly, I had actually forgotten about them altogether until I saw this one that my friend STILL has. We were discussing a craft project and she had went to get her paper crafting supplies, as she was getting it she said "can you believe I still have this bag?" I was really in shock I think this goes back to junior high, which giving my age away was over 20 years ago, well over. I totally remember her carrying this in probably 7th or 8th grade, geesh wonder if she still has that sweater she borrowed...J/K.

I guess if you are going to hang onto something this long, at least find a way to use it, and it seemed to be perfect for paper supplies as I once held papers, books and homework. Wonder how much you could sell it for in the Vintage category? But really would you want to part with it after all those years, guessing not!


SassyBelle said...

OMG I was an Esprit crazed 80s girl:)

Jenny said...

Totally remember that tote from middle school, too! Wow - too funny.

Erica said...

wow! it is even still in great condition! I would have demolished it by now!

Serendipity Handmade said...

So jealous! I had SEVERAL of these in the 80s. I miss them.

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