Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Adventures in String Piecing

Yes, I love it and anytime I get the opportunity to dive into yummy leftovers and string piece I have so much fun.

This time a custom order for a string pieced coin purse, one of my newer items with this nifty carabiner to clip onto clothes, bags, keys, anything. Very handy and this time an eclectic mix of colors.

Start with a pile of strips, random sizes and colors are best. You will also need a base fabric, I try to make it about an inch longer and wider so I can trim it down when done an not be caught short.

This is my starting point, a pile of scraps and white base fabric

Sewing right side down, flip, iron, sew

Sew strips face down side by side, flipping and sewing and ironing until your base sheets are covered, trim and assemble into your own creation.

Base fabric completely covered by strips

Back side of base fabric, trim from back

Completed block

Four completed blocks

Four blocks, interfaced ready to be put into coin purse

See, how handy this is, hook onto whatever!

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owlsomegifts said...

great use of scraps, very cute!

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