Saturday, November 21, 2009

Santa Claus Has Come to Town

I know, I saw him last night all in crimson glory. A local mall, Somerset Collection had a welcome Santa Parade and this year we made it. For the last few years we always mean to go but seem to miss it. We made it a family outing and my daughter was very happy to wear here red velvet dress with the fur trim, in fact she has pretty much been wearing it since we got it, no doubt we will get our moneys worth from this holiday dress.

The arrival of Santa was precluded by a sing along and a small "play" which consisted of 2 elves which seem to go from accents of German, Russian, Polish to vampire, that part was a bit odd but overall it was cute. The skit included telephone call updates from Santa on a big red phone, they exclaimed "he has landed on the roof", "let's all sing so he knows where we are". Everyone would cheer and sing another song.

A fun evening out with happy kids, and Santa mingled in the crowd and vowed to stay all night to see each child. He said "as long as kids are here to see me I will stay to see them"! We were thrilled our child actually let him holder her for 1/2 second and did not cry or get scared, though she did jump back into Daddy's arms. We will plan another day to go see him personally, yes we will in fact be wearing the red velvet dress.

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