Sunday, November 29, 2009

30 on 30 and 2nd Annual 3/$10.00 Sale

30 on 30, great idea started by etsy members. I learned about the 30 on 30 sale in the etsy forums, in this post. The idea is to spend $30.00 on November 30th, show support for handmade artists on this day, which is also "Cyber Monday" which is gaining in popularity for online retailers to offer products for holiday shoppers.

I am participating, why not of course? I have a variety of sales and specials in my shop already, but if you spend $30.00 in my shop on November 30th, I will include a special gift and for every additional $30.00 I will included another gift, who doesen't love freebies. You can visit my etsy shop here.

For your freebie I have a collection of fun items like, coin purses, hair scrunchies, handmade sewn greeting cards, pocket mirrors, recipe cards books. If you see this post and shop in my etsy shop just be sure to tell me a first choice and I will do my best, or I will pick a cutie for you.

Also going on now I have my 2nd annual 3 for $10.00 sale. I love doing this for a few reasons. First it helps me use up scraps, sewing as much as I do I have TONS of scraps. Not too long ago I asked my husband to sort scraps by color-of course he does not see colors the same as me, so I did have some re-sorting but that was ok. He spent several hours sorting laundry baskets (like 4 big ones) of just scraps. From this unorganized giant mess, my 3/$10.00 idea was born.

This year I have pocket mirrors, glass cases, pony tail holders, bobby pins, snap card cases, snap tea cozies, pencil cases, cosmetic bags and a variety of coin purses. Items are listed at $4.25 but when purchased in groups of 3 a refund will be issued. I will continue to add items all week long.

I needed to use up scraps so I made a list of possible things to make and started cutting and sorting these items. I spent many hours just cutting, and organizing and when I was finished I had a couple hundred items cut ready to be made. I did this first at my home show and it was a huge success, so I have decided to make it an annual event. I know do my cutting and sorting along the way to avoid the laundry baskets of scraps and then do a day of just sewing, I store them away until ready and my scraps are manageable and I build inventory for the fall and holidays.

I also love the idea of offering high quality fun items at a special price point, budgets are tight and this helps for those who need little gifts reasonable priced and fun to give. I have had quite a few thank me this year and last for such a great sale and am glad to be able to do this each year.

So be sure to check out my shop for 30on30 and 3 for 10.00 sales. For additional shops who are participating you can use the search tag "30on30" on etsy for more great handmade items.

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Karen said...

I love all your things and especially how you offer a cosmetic bag with a tote. Beautiful fabric selections too. I am writing about your sites on my blog Winding Threads as part of Creative Bloggers.

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