Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sewing for ME Week Continues and Updates

My first official UFO finished of 2012, 8 quilted placemats. Done, done, done, quilted and all and ready to be used. I am thinking these were pieced about 3 years or maybe longer ago.

Working on the aqua and brown quilt, love using pottery to sort pieces, above loads of 1.5 inch square used as cornerstones throughout the quilt.

I have also almost finished piecing this aqua and brown quilt, just borders to add which should be done by this evening. I will be breaking soon to go to a Valentines Party.

Here is the quilt underway, love having a large table to lay it out as it is being pieced.

Above, quilt most of the way pieced, still needs side borders.

Next up, is this lovely brigh Christmas table runner, I will work on this tonight and first thing tomorrow. The bag this has been stored in has a LOT of fabric, thinking I had inteded to make placemats...hmmm we will see, I may also make the table runner bigger, have to play with the fabrics and see.

Then I have to take a bit of time for actual work, I have 3 small custom orders that need to be done. I should have known a week all about me was probably not going to exist entirely, they are small so I will be back at sewing for me by Wednesday afternoon.

So for this week the completed tally:
  1. Sherbet Pips - Pieced, backing purchased, will be dropped at the quilter Friday
  2. Tropical Placemats - COMPLETED
  3. Brown and Aqua quilt - Pieced


SuZeFashion said...

Such pretty placemats!

delia hornbook said...

Love the placements there so bright and pretty. And your brown and blue quilt is going to be gorgeous when its finished. Enjoy it. dee x

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