Saturday, February 25, 2012

Forgotten Prototype Foldover Cosmetic Pouch

Cleaning out the sewing room I found this make up bag, I think this was my second attempt to make this style pouch. It is super cute, not entirely sure why I abandoned it as it is quite functional.

It is a tall pouch that simply folds and closes with a ponytail band and a button. I looked through my prototype book, the place I record notes, measurements and ideas on items and this one had nothing. So I may try this again, it is a nice size for using on the bathroom counter or would actually make a nice clutch for out and about.

I tossed a few items from around the sewing room to fill it for sizing, I actually think it would make a good project keeper. In this is a tape dispenser (yes I know you would not actually use it for this:) glue and hand lotion.

I think I might re-visit this idea and make a few to offer on etsy and off.

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