Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Product Labels

I am swooning today over my new labels I got this weekend. I used Vistaprint and I think they are fabulous, or they will do just a-ok until the day comes I have a logo made that is just for me. I got these 2 inch circle labels to use on bags for craft shows, I will use these on my medium bags, and hope to get bigger labels for large shoppers.

I have recently switched over to a brown bag theme for my bags as this was somewhat predicated by what I could find locally and at a cost near a wholesale rate and NOT pay shipping.

These are a burgundy, soft pink, khaki and black, they will look smashing with the other labels I also use for small lunch sack sized labels.

1 comment:

Jessie Henn said...

Absolutely fabulous! I love the concept of this label. It’s very chic and classy. Plus, it’s very eye-catching, and the colors that you used are so attractive. Great job!
Jessie Henn

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