Monday, February 6, 2012

Craft Show Transport Idea

I am getting ready for my first show of 2012, I had seen this idea in use a few years ago and thought it was brilliant. A large wheeled garbage can for transporting your craft goodies in and out of shows.

I picked one up today for a show this weekend, I find getting ready and loading the car to be somewhat stressful, cutting down on lifting and carrying is a huge help. This can will hold quite a bit and keep items inside safe from the elements as well.

You can see how much I put in the can, I load my items in the baskets they will be displayed. I always have a few items that get put into baskets at the show and those basket are packed nested in bins as well.

First layer, I have some studio scrap bundles I will be taking to the show, they made a good filler for the first layer.

Then I started stacking baskets of my creations, the squared shape of the garbage can helped a lot, fit more of my type of display items then a round one would have.
Next layer, more product and as a buffer I put my bags of merchandise bags.

Just about filled to the top with product, the most recent additions are loose and will be put in their baskets at the show.

As an added organization feature, I added to the inside of the lid an envelope, this is to put any forms or paperwork I might need upon check in. I hope to use as one of the first items to go into the show as it will carry a lot. I also put on the envelope a list of items packed in their so I can look at a glance for items.

Nifty transport, unfortunately this would not stand in the back of my vehicle, that would have been an added bonus. I will lock the lid and secure it so I can just slide it out of the back of my vehicle.

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