Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Behold My Foyer Makeover is On Its WAY

It has been almost 7 years since we remodeled our home, this gave us a large foyer of which is boring and not very welcoming, to us or our guests.

Of course we have been busy, baby, job upheavals and life in general so there has been a few good excuses for ignoring this room. However, now that we are past baby and toddler stage we are need of touch up and painting all over our first floor so I have been doing some serious consideration to this space.

Mainly shopping and sadly for me the pieces that we have found and liked have not been in the budget, well my husbands budget anyway. So I figured it would be a less painful battle to buy something and re-do it, with spring coming and the weather breaking this has been my new focus.

What I have been looking for is a large statement type piece, this is a space that can hold about a 6.5 foot piece of furniture and not overwhelm the room. When shopping these pieces are not inexpensive, we have looked at consoles, dining room pieces, tables, dressers you name it we have been a lot of places, both low end and high end, sample sales, estate sales, this piece below $1500.00 has been no where to be found.

It dawned on me I needed to focus on finding a dresser, as these seem to be a very common cast off piece, all over estate sales, craigslist, consignment shops. So I have been scouring websites for makeover ideas hoping my piece would come along.

I also just noticed/found a consignment shop about 1.5 miles from my house, it actually just opened in December. We stopped in on Saturday and grabbed this dresser, which was on its last day of consignment for $55.00...YES $55.00. We went to get paint samples and returned an hour later to purchase it, today we picked it up.

This thing is a beast, it is 70" long, 19" deep and 33" tall, it was in fact a dresser or perhaps a buffet (that was what the shop called it), I think it was a dresser. It fits the bill on every aspect of what I want for my foyer, large statement piece, drawers for the paper and mail always floating around the foyer, doors that open with shelves, actually this will be used for shoe storage. Only down part of this piece is the dated color wood grain look and hideous hardware, other then that (which ok is A LOT) it could be fabulous.

Ok, before you say but it is so ugly, I know but here is where I will remind you I paid $55.00, and really if you could turn it into something like this...

Blog post by Recaptured Charm found here

Wouldn't you see the beauty and potential in this dated 70's - 80's dresser? I had actually been contemplating the foyer this blue color, but think the dresser will be the blue in the room and I am going to go for a caramel/mocha color that will be a good accent to the adjoining rooms.

Overall it is in excellent condition, my husband and I are still somewhat debating how much of this is veneer how much is wood, it is crazy heavy and very solid and for the most part is in amazing condition.

Top is virtually scuff and mark free, surprisingly this seems to have the least wear.

Drawers and doors, both on my wish list, I am going to get a large basket for shoe storage.

Three drawers, one for each of us, I am already shopping for initial knobs for my husband, daugther and me, a bit of personalization.

So undecided about all these carvings, I think if they can come out with the amazing detail in my inspiration piece I will keep them. My husband is wanting to fill it all in with wood filler...we'll see.

Just so you know how desperate my makeover is here are some pics just as the foyer is right now and sadly most days...boring, actually I think that is a kind description. Note the table is open now, often it is more a sofa table that we convert to a games table when company comes, we stick the kids there.

It actually looks worse in pictures, that's good right, my makeover will be more impressive...I hope.

So this is the wall it will go on, the table and bookshelf will be relocated elsewhere in the house. We will be repainting this room a deeper warmer tone and hanging art or mirror(s) above, I also plan on bringing in a lamp or large candle piece.

This is an idea I found and am seriously considering for over the makeover piece, this gives me an excuse to shop for a bunch of mirrors.

Blog post from In My Own Style found here

This is the view as you step in our home, cannot wait to makeover this space. I will be sure to blog about this and show progress as I go.


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Good luck, looks like a fun project!

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