Monday, February 20, 2012

Sewing for Me End of the week

I am at the end of my marathon week of just sewing for myself, mainly because I really did finish up quite a few big projects and a few little ones too.

This is s Surf and Sand quilt that I wanted to go in my bedroom, mainly as a throw. This is another entry in NOT letting quilts or anything you altered sit for two long. I had to relearn the changes I made to this pattern and cut carefully as this is the last of this fabric line I think anywhere on earth. Even before piecing this I hunted all over the net to get enough fabric to make this and matching pillowcases. I actually have a lot leftover but am NOT cutting into most of it until it comes back from the quilter and the binding is cut.

I draped it over a dresser in my bedroom that I actually made over a few years ago. It was a white wash dresser that I sanded and painted aqua, then distressed it with brown glaze.

This quilt had a lot of appliqued squares, wanting speed over technique I did what I call lazy applique (sorry no offense). I used featherweight fusible and sewed right sides together, then trim out the center to reduce bulk (save for small projects) and then fuse to hold down, then stitch in place. the longest part of this task was the trimming of the fusible, corners and turning, fusing and sewing were quite fast.

While in sewing for me week I located this pieced Easter table runner, I honestly have no clue how long ago this was pieced...years, like maybe 8-10 years. So I quickly finished this up too.

If Easter wern't so nearby I would not have bothered, but now I will be able to add this to my decorations, or should I say this will be my Easter decorations. This is a classic egg print that I think Joann's has had since forever, combined with bright egg inspired colors.

I finished piecing another quilt that needs some applique and dropped Sherbet Pips at the quilter. I got the call the quilt is quilted (GIANT HOORAY) and will pick that up tomorrow and start in on the binding, show and tell later this week.

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Phone Home Designs by ET said...

Love the beachy colors of your quilt! It's nice to keep something for yourself :)

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