Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Table Accents Arrive in Store

I finally did it, did it meaning a few different things. Firstly I have begun to list table linens in my shop, so I did that. Secondly I decided not to list them in a separate shop that I had set up earlier this year for table linens and home accents. For *now* I am pleased with this addition to my shop, and thanks to the new rearrange your shop feature on etsy I felt more comfortable mixing products.

When I first sold handmade items on the internet it was table runners, place mats and quilts, well quilt tops anyway. I sold for about a year pretty steadily on ebay, however I was ready for a change just about the time I discovered etsy in fall 2006. I thought it was a good time to switch focus and start fresh with totes, purses and accessories and left the table behind.

I still sew these items for myself and it is nice to get a break from totes and such so I went back to a few faves and and adding them slowly to my shop. I will list what I have completed which is more napkins, place mats and a few table runners and see how they do, I will determine then how much time I will spend on this part of my shop, but they will probably at least make an appearance from time to time.

I love quilted table linens for the home, a great way to switch up colors, themes, fabrics quickly and easily without re-doing a room. I have dozens of sets of place mats, table pads, and table runners for pretty much every holiday and color combination imaginable. They are fun to create and much quicker then whole quilts, and easier to store and change quickly.

I have also begun destashing fabric by making napkins. It seemed we were going through mountains of paper napkins and this seemed like a great way to use fabric and cut down on the waste of paper napkins. I have an eclectic basket of fabric napkins, and occasionally we are all using matching.

Not to worry, my main focus will be on the totes and accessories as I have a pretty good system in place and a major product switch is not really what I want, just another creative outlet. I will say that making pillow covers is super fun too, I have a few new designs drafted that also will be in my shop, and of course I am pretending I may start a shop just for that as well, sigh... just not enough hours in the day.


gasparino6 said...

Your pictures look AWESOME ! You should be proud of yourself : ) Congratulations on your blog , Patty ( The Junquerie )

Dee said...

Those napkins are beautiful! I think they are a lovely addition to your store! They fit in perfect!

Angela said...

Very cute! I have a collage that looks just like the placemats and coasters!

Jennifer said...

Love those placemats! Very colorful!

Purplelizard said...

I just had to come to your blog to tell you how much I love your placemats and coasters! They are so gorgeous, and a really inspired way to use up the scrap pile.

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