Monday, September 21, 2009

Creative Bloggers: Destination Handmade

Etsy is a big and overwhelming place for new sellers. When I joined there were less resources to get you up an running. Now there are so many tricks and tools it can be a lot to track down and take in when starting.

I was visiting Destination Handmade and she has given a cheat sheet to some of the etsy and off etsy tools all in one handy place. A fun blog to read and visit and with useful info you can put into action, what fun!

Some of the handy tools she offers and describes:
Fee calculator
Poster Sketch
Etsy Wiki
Etsy Hacks
Let's Ets
Google Analytics shop set up

A great listing of tools, links and further explanation are all available here, be sure to check it out I sure you will find this list very valuable and thank you to Destination Handmade Blog for assembling this list.


Jamie said...

thanks for the review of my post! Love your shop too, hearted it for future! Jamie

Annette Piper said...

Great post Sandy!

Marilyn said...

Great post! Welcome to Creative Bloggers!

Michelle said...

Great job Sandy! So glad you're up and running :)

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