Saturday, September 19, 2009

Flea Market Craft Finds all for 2 Bucks

I pretty much never go to flea markets, I just don't seem to have the luck I often hear about. Saturday we were out and about and stopped at a shopping village that happen to have a really small flea market. We strolled through almost running as it is easy to bypass a lot, but one lady had been cleaning out her craft room and for 2.00 I got the following items.

6 spools of ribbon
2 new packages of 45 jingle bells
6 mini snowman gift bags
1 bottle of glitter
3 packages of glittery pipe cleaners
20+ Clothespin reindeer
4 packages of tinsel
50 sheets of white tissue paper

Ok, maybe it is not big deal but some of these items are usually on my "need to buy" list so for me it was a fun and exciting find, I had a full grocery bag full of goodies.

I think I may try my luck again when I see a flea market by the side of the road, I know I am super excited about my 2.00 crafty windfall and the seller was happy it was going to be used and tossed away as she was tempted to do.


Mike and Linda said...

Oh-no, I think you just got hooked.

Kind of like smoking...after your first one you develop a habit that takes years and years to break.......At least flea markets aren't bad for your health, maybe your wallet and storage facilites ....

2 Virgos Designs said...

flea market finds and thrift store ventures are fun, you never know what treasure you'll uncover.

Tamara said...

I've got those same little bags - just haven't used yet!!
What a great find.

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