Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sneak Attack My most recent Etsy purchase

Sneak attack? What is that? A couple times a week usually Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays 1-3 Etsy shops with few or no sales are chosen as a "victim,” and at a given time multiple buyers all visit the site and buy from the chosen shop, resulting in a whole slew of surprise business in a very short time. It’s a great way to give a big boost to new Etsy shops!

I love this idea and have participated several times, each finding new items and shops to heart. My most recent was from the Etsy shop KatieandEmma I got two cards from this shop one above and one below.

The cards were rich in color and wonderfully made, I have plans for the "Hi" one and the other I am sure will be used when I need a card for someone special. Each card came with an envelope for sending or giving and a cello protective envelope.

I am often hooked during the sneak attack by cards and soap. You can find the sneak attack in the etsy forums down in the "etc" section a discussion thread is started each day of an attack for chatting and anticipation of reveal of the shops chosen. The reveal is usually on HandmadeMovement.com on a chosen date and time.

Everyone shares there purchases and sometimes the attackee shows up to the thread. There have been shops who have had zero sales at the begining and sell out their whole shop in just a few hours. Last I saw 23 sales to a single shop was the record.

Sneak attack on etsy is a great way to make someones day, network and get some really cool stuff!!

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