Thursday, September 3, 2009

Show and Tell

I happened onto these cute circle spiral bound notebooks, and could not resist getting a few to embellish. As I dug through the bins I had the idea of using these as door prizes at my home show this fall. These are fun and simple to make and for me uses another craft item I have way to much of: ribbon. These would be great for thank you gifts, teachers gifts, hostess gift, I am sure they would be a well received little gift by many.

Spiral bound notebook
ribbon - varying widths and styles, I used 1/4-3/8" thickness, shears and satin styles
seam sealant, such as Fray Check (optional)

Choose your ribbon to compliment and contrast with the images and colors of your notepad. Cut ribbon into lengths 5-6 inches at an angle. I did 3-5 ribbons per spiral, you can vary the fullness of fringe you would like. Tie in a square not, I tied 2 times each ribbon, this may have been a bit much but I figured extra tightness would be ok, it did not add bulk.

Add ribbon until you have a look you are pleased with, trim as needed to equal length or to clean up ends that may have become frayed. At this time if you want you can seal with sealant. Just run a thin line across the edges, careful not to touch together as sometimes it can act as glue, do a few at a time, let dry. Enjoy.

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Black Rose said...

This is cute - thanks for sharing this tutorial Midnight Creations!

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