Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Giveaway: Winner chosen

I have finished my first blog giveaway. I have just notified the winner and am getting it ready to go out asap. Thanks for all who visiting and entered and all the kind words.

I had over 30 entries into my first giveaway (but not my last) and used Random.org to randomly select a winner. I took all entries collected via my mailing list, blog follow, and comments and put them into an excel spread sheet. I then numbered the entries in the order they were received and used Random.org to select the winning number. I did not use email addresses to respect privacy and the numerical system was actually easier.

A big thank you to everyone and I hope you will return to my blog and Etsy shop Midnight Creations. Watch for my first newsletter coming probably November. And watch here for more giveaways, I actually have a Christmas accessory set underway and will post that around Thanksgiving.

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