Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Craft project: Recipe Card Book

I have recently been hoarding these cute recipe cards in fall themes and colors. I found them at Michaels and scooped about 10 packs of them, each pack having 20 cards. I am making these and putting them away for gifts and giveaways for the holiday season. These are so easy and quick to make and recipe cards are easy to find all over with cute themes, colors, and sizes. Below is a quick description to make these yourself, done with basic crafting supplies most homes probably have, would be great to do with children as well.

8 Recipe Cards
Adhesive, glue, glue dots, double stick tape, glue stick
Card stock to coordinate with your recipe cards
Book ring
Scissors or rotary cutter - I actually use this for everything.
1/8 or 1/4 inch paper punch
ribbon (optional)
seam sealant, like fray check (optional)
decorative edge scissors

The following is how I made mine the fun part is in the personalization you bring to the project.

My cards were 4 x 6 inches, I cut card stock 1/2 inch bigger so 4.5 x 6.5 inches. Mount recipe cards onto card stock with chosen adhesive, I used glue stick. Let dry, I placed under a stack of books for about an hour.

When ready to punch holes make yourself a guide with scrap card stock, cut a hole 1/2 inch down and 1/2 inch over from a corner. Now use this guide to punch each card, I was able to do 2 at a time.

Attach cards to ring embellish ring with ribbon if desired trim and seal with fray check. All done, give blank or fill with recipes from home for a college student, a bridal shower great way to organize favorite recipes for the season.

Other ideas would be to sew the cards to the card stock with a decorative stitch. Use decorative edge scissors to cut recipe cards prior to mounting. Embellish with charms or brads, use metallic pens and inks to fill in recipe. Have a lengthy recipe add a journal tag or picture to the back of card. Make up a few sets to have on hand for last minute hostess gifts.


Peebs And Roo said...

What a great tutorial! I don't cook much but I do know a few people who would love these! Thanks for sharing!


Christy said...

Great tutorial! Foodies would love this idea!

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