Monday, September 7, 2009

Shop Feature: NHWoodsCreations

Flowers can bring a touch of warmth to any part of our homes or lives. I found this etsy shop NHWoodsCreations probably around the first of the year, I filed it away in my favorites and pop in from time to time to see what is new.

When searching for my first shop to feature I started in my "hearts" I have over 500 shops hearted and often shop them first when making purchases. I am always struck by the unique pictures and rustic charm of this shop and knew instantly with the fall approaching I wanted to spend some time browsing.

NHWoodsCreations is diverse in products, pricing and materials, a great balance and lots of selection. The shop owner Allison uses all natural elements such as pine cones, moss, statice, birch bark, cat tails, driftwood, leaves and flowers, just to name a few. You will find them in a variety of items in her shop each unique and beautiful, I could picture many of things in my home, or any home from traditional to contemporary. Colorful and beautifully sculpted wreaths and floral arrangements, vases, mirrors, ornaments, potpourri, fragrance oils, organizational tools and wedding accents.

It would be tough to choose a favorite, but I think mine are the items that have birch bark, the white bark is just so pretty and simple in each item she has created. These napkin rings are definitely on my wish list, I also think it would make a great hostess gift with some pretty napkins.

I have only been to New Hampshire once about 3 years ago for about 8 hours, driving solely 3 hours one way to a fabric shop (imagine that). I was struck by the panoramic views of woods and streams as I weaved along north from Boston. It was so pretty and seamed uncrowded and undistributed it is no wonder working with natural elements found here would be a great inspiration. I was there in the spring, imagine what it must be like in the fall with all the glory of the fall colors, maybe a bit like this wreath.

Moss Ball Ornaments

With so many wonderful items make NHWoodsCreations a favorite shop and enjoy the beautiful items created from Mother Nature.

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Alicia Istanbul said...

I love the colors in the autumn wreath. Beautiful.

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