Monday, February 28, 2011

Sewing Room Show and Tell

Looking into my sewing room from the door, I have a new large work table that I got from Ikea, I put a small white bookshelf from Target as a "staging" area. This is a huge improvement for me in my new sewing room. I have dozens of items in progress, these used to be stacked on my ironing/card table and were easily disorganized.

This is my view as I sit at my worktable, looking north, it is where I store a good amount of my supplies. On the left I have a wire rack system that I got from Organized Living this holds tons and tons of supplies, I have lots of notions, works in process and many misc crafting supplies contained within these 12 drawers. Above this are 2 of my 6 mini shelves, the kind you might lean plates or pictures on as a decorative accent. I have on them 6 mini baskets that I use for catch alls or to contain small projects. I have 4 more of these I will be installing above my ironing space...hopefully soon.

I have a tall cabinet (with my TV on top) that I store my "live" fabrics. These are fabrics that are currently planned to be used in the near future, I keep mainly focal fabrics organized mostly by type, ie florals, birds, sock monkey, novelty, etc. On the top shelf of this I have my "blender" fabrics these are small quantities that I can find quickly sorted by color.

I have shoebox bins with colors sorted and labeled, these are completely unorganized except by color and are usually fabrics that are less then 1/4 yard, I find when looking for something, I just dump the bin and find and stuff it back in. These are too full to be stored with the lids on so they are just stacked with the lids underneath.

Next to my fabric cabinet is a closet, I have fitted shelves I got at Organized living, 3 shelves that are as big as the foot print of the closet, it holds tons of fabric and are extremely sturdy. I have yet to re-organize these from the move and a lot of the fabric is still displaced throughout the house, usually it is filled top to bottom with fabric, right now there is interfacing and felt on the bottom shelf and the bottom/floor is empty, I have roll bins I keep there with large cuts of fabric (actually not sure where those are right now). I also can store about 30 bolts of fabric up top which are also about the house somewhere.

You can see on the left my spice racks, I did a blog post with more info on that here.

On my west wall is my desk and ironing space, my desk is back to back to my sewing machine, with about 6 foot of space which is where the picture window is looking to the front yard this space also allows me to have 2 chairs. This is still being revamped, having my desk and computer in my sewing room is also new with my makeover, used to be this desk was in my husbands office. I also have used the space below for my printer and shelves with bins for receipts, paperwork and office supplies. I really did not want all this in my sewing room so I was happy I could fit it under the desk, it is a bit of a pain but I have made it work.

This is my ironing space which is still needing its makeover. I have a kitchen island that we used to use prior to our home renovation. It is in our garage and hopefully will be moved inside soon. It is insanely heavy and most likely will need to be somewhat dis assembled to be moved inside. It is taller and white (yay it will match) and has doors and shelving below. It will be the same length and a few inches wider then the card table, it will also provide a workspace above and I can add a stool as well. I had been stumped what to put there as it is a tight space between my desk and the door when I remember this alone in the garage. We did a major renovation to our home in 2005 and it has been there since, sort of out of sight out of mind. Super happy to not have to purchase something as this is like new, we only used it for 2 years.

****Update, I DID in fact do my iron station makeover, here is a picture and a blog post about it here****

Under the sewing table I have lots of storage too, but still have plenty of room to sit and work. Below is usually where I sit, I have a drawer with mainly threads and zippers, easy access when sitting at the machine.

Doesn't every crafter have these plastic storage drawers? I this are more works in progress, ribbon and fat quarters.

This is on the opposite side of where I sit, more bins for storage, and some space for books and magazines, though most of my ginormous book collection is in the living room in bookshelves.

And this is a behind the storage idea that I posted about before here. I still have some office wall pockets I need to find and install as well.

Still some to do and more items to get to be fully moved in, but I am already back to work in my new sewing space. Also still want to hang some decorations as well!

Thanks for looking! ! !


Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

I'm so impressed with the amount of stuff you've managed to fit into that room. Serious organization skills!

Tricia said...

Beautiful room! I love that color and your huge table! Great job on your workspace.

HarmlessColor said...

Oooo, wonderful!
I love the wall color, and the storage looks so functional. I really love the jars and ribbon.
Great ideas.

Diane Costanza said...

I have the same wall color in my master bedroom. I love it. It is so cheerful, isn't it? You have a wonderful space to work in, so inspiring, I'm sure.

Wendy said...

Absolutely beautiful sewing room! Everything is so well organized and neat.

Kaliah Designs said...

Oh gosh I love the blue - it's so inspiring. You are so organized with everything. I need to take note of that :)

Sher said...

Love your creative space! One of the fun things about a sewing room is that it is always so fun and colorful!

Susansweaters said...

Wow what a nice work area!

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