Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ironing Station Makeover

Last week I did a show and tell of my new sewing space and was inspired to finish moving the last items into place. I managed to convince my husband to go out to the garage with me through about 5 inches of snow and bring in the old kitchen island. The island was in need of a little more TLC then I had recalled as it had lots of dirt and dust from over 5 years in an old garage (our garage is more a giant 2 car storage shed, we do not park in it). So I got out bleach and cleaned it THOUROUGHLY before bringing it inside.


It fit just about perfectly and the doors open as well, I thought it might be too tight but it works. I now have a taller spot to iron and a lot more practical storage with shelving down below and underneath is about 6 inch clearance so I have room to grow, thinking under the bed plastic bin will fit underneath should I need it.

I had 4 more of these decor shelves so I installed these as well, next my favorite little 2/1.00 baskets in some matching colors gives me LOTS more options for storage. I will still play around with placement of items but so far this is a great addition to my new room.


debi said...

What a great use for an unused piece. Looks finished and neat AND instant storage! Way to go! Your studio is wonderful!

FabricFascination said...

Very nice makeover. You made me laugh about your carless garage. Our two car garage is my husband's work room, no cars allowed.

maninthemoonherbs said...

Love what you have been doing with your space! It has inspired me to work on my own : )

Orangies Attic said...

Looks so great! I have been doing tons of this kind of "redo/organizing" in my house, and it just makes you feel so great when you're finished... following you!

Dana said...

AH!! Beautiful. I hope in the future, I can have designated organized rooms that make me as happy as when I'm looking at your pictures. :)

Found you on EBT. Following!


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