Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter Time and Packaging Ideas

I always seem to have great luck around Easter time getting some unique and colorful packaging. I stopped at a local Aco this morning and found these metal planters with the Easter goods. I am always drawn to baskets and container items, and thought the pink ones would work great for displaying products, which they would. I got a pink one with this in mind, but as I drove home I thought of my accessories sets and my constant struggle to come up with retail durable packaging. I usually end up with less then inspiring cello bags, however not this year!

I did a test run with a cosmetic pouch, mini coin purse, tissue cozy, pocket planner, eyeglass container, it looked PERFECT, it will actually hold a lot more then that but that was a pretty good mix of products. I needed to put some tissue in the bottom for height then add a basket bag and probably a bow and this will make an awesome gift set for my products during the holiday season.

They also had these mini metal pals, complete with metal and wooden handle this size will be perfect for smaller sets of 3-4 items. Best part about these little metal holders they were .50 cents each, I hurried back and scooped up all the pink tins, white buckets and then got a few of the yellow and blue ones as well.

I came home quickly found other nearby Aco's and off I went, the first one I went to did not have Easter items, sigh home to Google again. This time I called 3 nearby stores, the last one informed me she remembered those from last year and the store I got them from had them still most likely, which also explains the price point, did I mention these were only .50 cents each...sigh. I am going to go back to the original store and get the rest of the yellow buckets and a few more of the blue. Right now I have a total of 24 containers which is a great start, remember I have to fill these all now with product. It is nice to get an idea and have plenty of time to put it into action, I will be debuting these offline in the fall.

Updated on 4/7/11: I got these cuties at Target in the "dollar bins" at the front of the store. Cardboard boxes, that are about 6" wide x 3" deep x 4" tall, I have already made up some new sets to put at Yellow Door. They also had little metal buckets in varying colors, with a bow on the front, I think these are actually too narrow for me so I am not sure they will work for my items, but they are really cute and the bow could be changed out for a matching look.

Completed gift baskets, I found some bags at Michaels, with coupon 3.00 for 16 bags, great low cost packaging idea.


delia hornbook said...

Those are really sweet, dee x

Arteira e Prendada said...

I'm Vanessa,from brazilian and liked of the blog,beautiful work!!!


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