Monday, March 21, 2011

Pattern Tester I Think Sew

I was recently asked to be a pattern tester for I Think Sew, which seemed like a fun opportunity so I joined right in to pattern testing. I Think Sew offers a variety of PDF patterns for totes and for baby items. I had purchased a child backpack pattern a few years back for my small child, I found the pattern both easy and fun and I Think Sew was super helpful with a few questions I had.

Onto my testing experience. I was given a new bag The Martha Market Bag, which is a large bag that would be great for the market (obviously) among other things. I think this bag would be a great beach bag it is roomy and light weight I think I will be testing this at the farmers market which will be coming soon in my city (yay).

I read the pattern a few times before even beginning, usually I actually sort of skip this step as I have enough experience to just dive in, really most times I buy patterns I need dimensions and detail directions not too much the sewing directions.

I had to purchase some home decor weight fabrics, since I most work in cottons I did not have a heavy enough fabric to do the project. I settled on a bright coral print with a retro inspired brown and white leaf motif, this had a coordinate solid and I paired these with brown webbing for the handles.

As I begun I kept a notebook near the computer to make notes as I went. I did actually have a few places I had questions so I made those notes to offer my suggestions for further clarification to the pattern. Thought I would show a few sewing tips that I used to make this tote.

Sewing an X at the top of a bag handle gives some reinforcement to seams that will see lots of action

A magnetic seam guide can be helpful when sewing a larg seam. I usually use 1/4 for everything, this called for 1/2 inch my guide was placed accordingly, keep the fabric flush with the guide for perfect seams.

In the end I have about 4 areas I would have to like to see just a little more instruction, or an added idea. I will be sending my pictures and ideas along for their consideration. I would totally do this again, it is fun to do something different and maybe help another along the way.

You can find I Think Sew bag patterns in this etsy shop "Sewingwithme3".


Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

How cool! I never knew pattern testers existed, but it makes sense.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

What a neat opportunity! I love the coral and the brown... such a beautiful combination.

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Love the fabrics you used. Great pattern review!

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