Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daylight Savings + Sunshine = Grilling out

Hooray, we did our first grilling out of 2011, it was still quite daylight at 6ish and about 50 degrees so it seemed perfect to go outside and grill and make all the neighbors jealous.

We usually are able to sneak in a grilled meal even in the winter however this year in MI we have had a lot of snow and a lot of long cold spells so I think it has been since about November that we last grilled.

Chicken on the menu, a simple go to grill recipe that also works under the broiler.
  • Chicken tenderloins
  • Bacon
  • Barbeque seasoning, personal fave Penzeys BBQ 3000
Sprinkle chicken generously with seasoning, wrap in 1/2 slice bacon, sprinle again with seasoning.

Grill about 6-8 minutes per side on medium hot grill. Serve as a main course or a hearty appetizer. I don't often buy bacon and will just get 6-8 slices from the meat counter.

Can summer be far away?

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