Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Wine Review Hogue Cellers

We are wine drinkers more then beers or liquors, which we really don't drink. We also mainly drink wines under 10.00 unless the occasion calls for something more or it is a dessert wine like Icewine (which we LOVE).

We have had really good luck the last few months with late harvest Rieslings from Washington state. The most recent is from The Hogue Cellers, it is a 2009 Late Harvest Riesling, it was on special for 10.00 at the local market, reg price was 12.99.

I think this is best chilled very cold it was crisp and citrus-y and great for just drinking I had a glass while preparing dinner and it went down very easily. I found it to have a lemony grapefruit aftertaste that was quite pleasing. I think it would make a great wine with appetizers or pizza if you are having a casual evening. For 10.00 bucks it was a great find I think we will going back to grab a few bottles, will be nice for summer evenings grilling in the backyard.

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