Thursday, April 7, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Well sort of, not really. But I have become somewhat fascinated with this concept, though not to the extremes as recently seen on TLC new reality show. But the preview for this show got me curious and looking online for more about this.

I really would just like to learn more about sale cycles and using coupons in conjunction with them. After a bit of Googling I stumbled onto a site that to me is more in the real world for most people trying to save on their grocery, home and health and beauty needs. This site is "Southern Savers" there is a ton of good up to date information there along with several YouTube videos to help explain some of the ideas and concepts.

My first attempt to put some of these into practice was at CVS, there was an excellent video on Southern Savers how to use their sales flier, coupons and Extra Care Bucks (ECB). I got Sundays paper and plotted my trip. I will say while I was really happy I did not do as well as I "could" have I learned a lot in the process. I got $125.00 in grocery items for about $46.00, I still have 21.99 to spend in ECB for future purchases. If I had done it all properly via 1 additional transaction I would have only spent about 28.00 for the same amount of goods.

Extreme couponing is also not fresh friendly, we go through tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, I do look for sales and stock up as much as possible when I can so this part of my grocery bill most likely will not change. Also meats, we buy a lot of meat as well, I do have a freezer so I have stockpiled that as well during sales.

So I am learning and applying as it makes sense for my family, it has been a fun learning experience and even my husband is in on it and agrees saving money obviously makes sense.

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