Friday, April 8, 2011

Rainy Day Closet Makeover and M&M Cookies

April showers have definitely hit my part of Michigan, so lots of indoor activities. I have been wanting to paint my master bath closet pretty much since we moved back into our renovated house, um...over 5 years ago. My master bath is one of the highlights of our home renovation, I spent a ton of time working with the builder to make this really special. This bathroom is bigger then the original size of our living room, it is about 11 feet x 15 feet, it is one of those rooms that will help sell the house, but we are pretty much never going anywhere.

Since I am going to try and stock up during sales and do some not so extreme "extreme couponing" I wanted a fresh new space to store these goodies. Our closet while not huge is big enough, we also have in this bathroom 2 huge vanity cupboards, 5 drawers and and a 7 foot linen tower. We have a ton of storage in this bathroom, but the closet was never actually painted, it was primed and we have lived with it like this for the 5 years.

Before, kind of a random mess

The bath is neutral tones, but our towels and linens are brown and aqua. I had enough paint left from my sewing room that I just used this and the wrong shade of builders beige I got when finding the correct builders beige. I painted the walls the aqua and the shelves the ivory. I added a few brown storage vessles, like planters, baskets and votive holders to keep some items contained. Best thing about this was cleaning out the closet, LOVE that feeling, while not fully stocked it looks 100% better and for only about 1.5 hours of work!

Then onto the M&M Cookies! We managed to have several bags of M&M's left over from Valentines Days so I wanted to use these up once and for all. This bag was dark chocolate so we made a simple standard recipe. My 5 year old was actually helpful this time, unlike at Christmas she stuck with it to the end. In fact the funniest part of the cookies is after the first when I offered her a second she said "No, I'm good". Too cute!


Annette said...

Your bathroom sounds like a dream! Love the colors for the closet.

Alessandra @ Tribal Times said...

Love the color that you chose! Looks great!

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