Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yellow Door Six Months

It has been six months since I started Yellow Door, I have also just signed on for another year so I will be there for sure through April 2012. I have been so inspired to be part of such a unique creative community, I have met some amazingly talented and hard working Michigan folks.

I have sold since my time here since November just about 1000 items, the number is actually a lot higher as I have sold lots of items in 3 piece and higher sets, so the number of items made/sold is probably closer to 1500 items. I was genuinely proud of my space today and was almost taken aback that all these items were planned and passed through my hands to be shared with others, maybe it was the sunny bright day but all of Yellow Door looked amazing.

Today I really stocked my booth, I took in some gift sets, (see my post here for Easter packaging ideas for year round) that I hope are well received for upcoming gift type holidays such as Mothers Day, Easter, etc. I filled all my product baskets and removed a few odd single items, below a few updated pictures which shows it fully stocked I can take next week off from stocking which will give me a breather and work to stockpile items for shows and the fall season.

Inside my booth, top looking left, bottom looking right

Standing JUST outside my booth, top looking left, bottom looking right

I took a few pictures of my gift baskets, I don't think the pictures do them justice they are simply delicious, so much color and shiny bags and bows, totally gift ready!


Rachel said...

What a gorgeous space! It must be fun to have a real live spot with all your things (outside of etsy, I mean). Beautiful bags!

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

Fairy Cardmaker said...

My you look like you have been BUSY! Great photos - thanks for sharing your beautiful set up. Wish you continued success!

Christine said...

Your displays are gorgeous!
I can see why you have sold so much!
great job!

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