Friday, April 15, 2011

My Shipping Department

Ok, maybe that is an exaggeration but since my sewing room makeover I actually have a dedicated shipping station. This is such a huge improvement over my former shipping department which was scattered over a lot of my first floor.

This was how I USED to ship items:

Item needs to be shipped, run upstairs get items (this is actually still the same) bring to sewing room to iron, lint roll as needed.

Off to the office to print postage, then find packaging, sometimes this was on my desk in the office, in the hall closet, in the closet on the bookshelf, in the basement, in the dining room. Really this was a nightmare tracking down an envelope, peanuts, tissue, boxes.

Move with packaging and item to the dining room to complete wrap up. I did make a little box for thank yous, business cards, blank cards, I also kept my tissue and this box on part of my kitchen counter, actually more of an island between my kitchen and my dining room, it is a large space so for the most part it was out of the way. Yet it was tiresome to look at and it always had to be moved for company, which more opportunity for things to get lost.

Oh, the tape, now back to the office, or the hall shelf, or in the kitchen drawers, and pens those like to wander too.

Seriously this was about how I did things for 4 years, sometimes better then others.

Now, I have a 5 shelf bookshelf JUST outside my sewing room, this has always been there but was really just a dumping ground between me and my husband. I have dedicated 2 full shelves to all my shipping supplies.

What I keep on hand:
  • envelopes, priority, small, bubble and so on. I have a few old plastic book racks that divide and sort them, I keep the overflow in the basement on a dedicated shipping rack.
  • My tissue paper and packaging peanuts (just a few of these)
  • Thank you notes, blank cards for gift greetings which is sometimes requested
  • I have tape, scissors, lint roller, address labels and stamp, pens and scissors that all STAY here
  • Local post cards or newsletter of events and such
Since this is just outside my sewing room I can iron and prep the items, and process right on my table, it is just a few steps to get all the supplies needed.

Shipping has become a lot less stressful and easy to manage.


Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

I like that idea! We need a new bookshelf badly, but I might keep the old one around to wrangle all of my shipping stuff.

Sea Marie said...

Ahhh I envy you.. I need to do this as well!! I'm all over the place when trying to get packages together!!

Kay said...

I have a small shelf that I use for my shipping supplies, but I still have to lug them over to my sewing room table to get things ready. I'd like to someday turn an old diaper changing table into a shipping/wrapping station.

Your "shipping department" looks very professional!

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Thanks for showing this. I am working on getting everything in one place. Hard to do with no one place to do it all.

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