Monday, April 11, 2011

Refashion Denim Jacket

What I had intended to be a sort of tutorial is now just a show and tell with a few hopefully "helpful" hints on how to refashion your own denim jacket. I got this jacket for my 5 year old at a mom to mom sale last fall for just $2.00. It was just about brand new, of course these types of jackets can take a fair amount of wear and still look brand new.

Fabric choices, 1/4 yard of the big flower dots, which was my focal, then coordinating 1/8 yard cuts of compliments and a few yards of rick rack and trims

I also wanted to make a statement type of jacket with a little more grown up girl feel, not super babyish so that was reflected in the color palette. I knew pink and purple would have to be a part of it but also added orange, aqua, lime and aqua throw in some rick rack, buttons, handmade yo yo's and this colorful jacket gets RAVES every time we are out and about. Fun thing about it is we have lots and lots of colorful clothes to go with it.

I used an assortment of fabrics, 1/8-1/4 yard each and various sizes of rick rack 1-1.5 yards each. I really did not have a plan except that I new I wanted to cover the back completely and do some embellishments to the top, and that I wanted to cover the pockets and the placard below the pockets. I still want to add some crystals or hot fix rhinestones to the upper chest portions and maybe the sleeves.

I did lots of measuring and math to get the correct dimensions for the back, I also did this wrong. It was wrong that my math was too perfect to the size I wanted which meant it finished on the heavy seams, since I have an industrial machine this was no problem, but if not there is no way I could have sewn through my fabrics and the seams, so either bigger or smaller by 1/2 inch would be better. I would recommend making paper templates of all pieces, then add your seam allowances to come up with your finished pieces.

Sewing the pieces onto the denim, a form of machine applique:
I made my square for the back then used interfacing, actually I used pattern ease as this is what I had on hand so it had grids which were not a problem, if it were lighter fabrics those might show through. I would recommend a light weight sew in type for this application, I used this on the back piece, the front placards and the squares on the back top detail.

Make your component then sew RIGHT SIDES TO RIGHT SIDES to the interfacing, you can sew it all the way closed because you are going to cut a slit in the center to turn right side out, also trim the corners as needed and poke cleanly, press your piece. Now all your seams are inside and it is ready to be sewn down, I sew as close to the edge as possible to get a clean look to your piece.

Sew your applique piece right sides together to your interfacing

Back piece turned, pressed ready to applique

Sew down to jacket

Completed patch sew down

Front piece ready to be turned and pressed

Sew down

Square for back, fabric to fabric, same method, sew, clip corners, turn and press

Squares sewn down by machine, yo yo's sewn down attached by hand with a button to help secure

For the pockets I made a paper template, and then built the pocket, this is a "sleeve that has been slid up over the pocket, then sewn down, I seed from the top all the way through the jacket, actually closing the pocket so it is not functional to put anything inside or to snap close.

Pocket is two pieces of the paper template (in fabric) sewn right sides to right sides, then the top opening is press to encase seams, slide over pocket sew.

Applying rick rack, for the jumbo I used fray check, then folded it under itself for the bottom trim, I sewed all along the top and bottom edge with a matching thread.

Thinner rick rack can be just sewn down the center, I used a mono-filament thread on the blue detail.

Additional detail on the sleeves, a simple tube turned right side out, sewn down

Pretty much done, I am going to be on the lookout for more bling for the top, but so far it has been a great piece that goes with most of my daughters colorful wardrobe!


Orangies Attic said...

So cute... I want a grown up version for me!

Kala said...

Absolutely cheerful, I love it:)

ulinkap said...

it's look fabulous! And your idea to do this is great!

Misty said...

Love this idea! And I'd LOVE your pillowcase pattern/instructions! My oldest was just telling me she wanted to learn to make her own pillowcase. Email me @ creativeitchblog AT gmail DOT com


Riel Nason said...

That is so super stylin' !! The giant ric rac is my favourite touch although it all looks great!!

Jenny said...

My daughters would love this! Thanks for the insipration and the process. Great job!

Amy said...

Very nice!all her friends will be envious.

Leanne said...

Very nice, and she likes it too!

Robin said...

Love this! It would be great for my weekly Upcycled Crafting Party. I would love it if you would link up.

Sharon said...

How fun! So cute!

Melanie said...

I'd love for you to come link this up at my Tuesday Time Out Linky Party!
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Quiltstory said...

How creative! You can tell she loves it! Thanks for linking to fabric Tuesday :)

Lee said...

So bright and cute! My 4-year-old would love this. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

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