Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spice Rack Storage

If you are a crafter and a one who collects and accumulates many supplies you know the challenge of keeping it all organized and under control. I have been using spice racks and jars for years and this week been adding them back into my sewing room.

I managed to snag a bunch of these racks about 5-6 years ago, they are simple two shelf wood racks, each shelf will hold 6 spice size jars. I think I paid about 2.00 each for them and got about 8 of them, though honestly I am not sure where they all are right now. I really only had put about 3 of them to use in my old sewing room, and never hung them up, they were just sitting on a table against a wall, they are flat bottom so they actually stacked well and that was how I used them.

Now in my new spot I wanted to hang them up, I also did not want to do too much damage to my new walls so I gave these wire Command Hooks a try. They are plastic with a small wire hook, perfect to fit in the wire triangles that you use to hang these racks.

Also I like to use space in different ways and opted to put these on the side of my tall fabric cabinet, using the Command Hooks gives you lots of different options for hanging. Admittedly the space these are now hanging is quite tight, but for me this is ok, but getting pictures was challenging, I would be better standing outside taking the picture through the window. This particular Command Hook was rated to hold .5 pound, I have sort of pushed this to the limit as the rack by itself weighs about 2 pounds, I am just going to keep my eye on them to be sure they are holding well, so far so good. I will add my husband is keeping an eye on them too, he really wants to improve the hold with tape, usually his improvements are not so attractive.

The racks will hold a variety of sized jars, I had bought a bunch of matching jars I think for about 1.00 each, of course I wanted to get lots more but this store is now out of business, so if I add to the jars they will different (this mildly upsets my crafting balance). I am actually contemplating hanging one with my large spool threads near the sewing machine.

Side View of Spice Racks

The racks also hold ribbon nicely, don't we all have issues storing ribbon? The Spool O' Ribbon size will only fit on the top row, but still easy to see and grab.

Another spice rack storage I use is a revolving spice rack, I got this at the same sale for about 6.00 each, I got two of them each holds 12 jars. This is a great option as it is semi portable (at least around the house) and rotates to find items quickly. Best part about this spice rack purchase was the jars were empty so filling them up was easy.

I find in general if I can get crafting supplies out of packages and into sight they actually get used, or at least looked at from time to time.

Look it makes a great book end as well!


Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

Oooh, you're brave to put so much weight on Command hooks! Be sure to tell us how they hold up.

Vanessa said...

What a great organizational tool! I see these at the thrift stores all the time! Okay, I need to go and organize my craft closet now!

Norma G. said...

Great ideas. I'm always looking for new and better ways to store my ribbons. Thanks

dany chandra said...

Nice thought ...
thanks for this post,
new idea to have your spices and ribbons...
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