Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting Organized Back of The Door

I love using otherwise wasted space for storing items, I have also found to gain the most space sometimes you need to go up! I am still rebuilding my sewing room from the big move and with DH gone I got out the drill and put this handy item back to use.

Luckily I have solid wood door in my sewing room, thanks to a home originally built in the 1940's or else this would not work or would need a different installation. It took 4 screws to hold it in place and it holds a lot, not only that I can see everything so it cuts down on my scavenger hunts for supplies.

Empty and ready to be filled, it has 8 shelves each about 5" deep they are varying height, which is nice options are good

It holds a sampling of my rubber stamps, this is 12 Stampin up boxed sets

Holds these nifty plastic baskets from the dollar store, 2/1.00 actually, great catch alls

More storage ideas that this will hold, Mason Jars, Ivy vases for markers, Yarntainers I use for sorting and storing loose ribbons. Also I have covered baby formula tins for button storage as well

Fully loaded, and with some room to spare, I may shift a few things around still, but love this use of space and having a visual on items and not having to dig is a huge time saver, for me anyway!


Anonymous said...

Now you may come to my house and help me! I think I am missing the organization gene.

Orangies Attic said...

I was just doing the same this weekend... finding ways to use some wasted space. Will be blogging about it soon! Good job!

delia hornbook said...

Its looking good, What a great use of space, dee x

Mary said...

we just did something very similar to this at my house--very neat! love your space and the way you've put it all together

Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

I have to organize my studio soon (because a friend might be taking our ugly desk off our hands) and NOT looking forward to it. Putting stuff on the door is a great use of space. Smart!

Fairy Cardmaker said...

I'm loving your room! I have the same colour scheme. (I need to clean mine before I show it hee hee)

Judy Nolan said...

Great use of space! I have an ironing board on the back of mine, but want to modify it so that when the board isn't in use, I can still use that closet door for something else.

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