Friday, January 28, 2011

Sewing Room Makeover

So we are in full transition mode and our house is beyond trashed because of the office/sewing room switch. So far four trips to the paint store and Home Depot we now have paint and have begun this task. The above picture is my "old" sewing room after day one of painting.

Sorry out of focus, this is my foyer, jam packed with stuff from my sewing room and a wine cabinet that was in the hall, we can barely get to the door, literally!

What has been done so far; I have emptied my sewing room into the rest of the house, mostly the foyer and dining room, but lets not forget the stuff in the living room the guest room and the basement. Even though the sewing room is the smallest in the house I think it had the MOST stuff in it...hmmm maybe I should get a clue? We patched about 20 LARGE holes, vacuumed and washed the walls and begun painting I got about 2.5 of the walls done Thursday evening. We will be painting the 'new office' the same "builders beige" as the rest of the house, this was actually the reason for all the trips to the paint store to get the right paint.

Sunken Pool on left will be my new sewing room color, Mellow Coral on the right was just way too pink

I have also finally decided on a paint for my room, I was torn between a "coral/salmon/brown" or aqua. Aqua was my original choice but then decided on the coral. I got a sample of the coral and just feared this going too far to pink, so I was back to aqua - get the idea my husband was sick of this conversation. Luckily I had no fear of multiple trips to the paint store and have now settled on Marth Stewart Glidden - Sunken Pool - hooray! I will not paint my room until Monday as my husband is still packing up his room, which is a very close second to amount of stuff to my sewing room...he should get a clue too!

I am trying to stay focused, the house is such a mess I have to keep telling myself it will all be worth it, very challenging as there is so much stuff JUST EVERYWHERE.

We timed it perfectly as my new sewing machine is ready, we will be picking this up on Wednesday so our timeline is coming together just fine, though we have so much work to do before it arrives.

This will be my new sewing room my husbands current office. Wish I could say it was trashed only because of the move, sadly it looks like this most of the time. The white chair is at my desk so we are often both in here, my husband NEEDS his own space. I cannot wait to get rid of those hideous curtains, those were purchased as a temporary fix to give some privacy and my husband claims he likes them just fine and wants to move them to his new office, hoping I can get rid of them instead. I will be getting blinds, hopefully not too long after the move, I have enough to do right now, this can wait a bit.

With this move my desire to organize and get rid of stuff is huge, I hope to use the winter months to clear out old stuff donate, sell, better organize so I can be more productive in 2011.


Southern Belle said...

Good luck with the make over =]

delia hornbook said...

awwww it will all be worth it in the end, dee x

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