Thursday, January 13, 2011

Black and White Patchwork Bag

Front view of bag, still needs handle(s)

Black and white patchwork tote, and to make it a bit more jazzed up hints of aqua, red and teal. I sprinkled in a few 4 patches of black/white fabric with the color choices. Then a thin border of rectangles between the BW patchwork and the solid black bottom.

How it starts, a collection of reds, aquas and teals laid out to get a balance of colors

Auditioning black/whites with reds, aquas, teals

Bag pieced, next add the solid black for the bottom

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delia hornbook said...

Hi, thats really lovely. I have just found your lovely creative blog via facebook. I will enjoy following you. Take care, Dee ;-)

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