Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sewing Room Makeover

Sewing space "Before"

This week will be the start of my sewing room makeover, it is actually more then a makeover as I am getting a new room. My husband and I are switching offices, he is giving up the bigger room that we actually share (this is where my desk and computer) are to a smaller room that will be all his.

I have begun the process of removing my shelves and storage from the wall and been condensing my tons of supplies into boxes and bins. The plan is I will empty my room into our foyer and living room so he can move into my empty room, I can afford to be out of commission longer then my husband. Once he is done moving into my room I am going to paint my new space and then begin to move in. In addition to this we will need to do a lot of patching to my room as my on the wall features have left huge holes on three out of four walls, which also means we will be painting this room as well.

My new sewing machine should be here by the middle of February at the latest, I have already gotten a new work table for the middle of my room. This will be a huge change for me as right now my sewing table also serves as a cutting and a work table. My new table is about 50% bigger then my current table and will be wide open for working, while the sewing machine will have a dedicated space. In my new room I will also have cabinets for storage, a ironing station and my desk with computer. The room will be full but hopefully a lot more functional.

The room is trashed, this was looking to where a good amount of my active fabrics are stored, this will remain the same in the new room, I will still have this tall freestanding cabinet and a small closet that have custom shelving, these will move to my new room

We are both excited (though I think I am MORE excited) about the change, taking steps to both be more productive in 2011. Check back as I will share my storage and organization ideas as I make the move, and what color I decide to paint I am torm between a salmon and aqua.

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Darla said...

looks like you do alot of work! i am sure you deserve this wonderful new space. :)

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