Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Wiggles Live

Catching up from last week our outing to see the Wiggles! We found about $10.00 seats kind of at the last minute so decided to go.

It was just me and my 5 year old daughter who happens to be a fan (me too) for an afternoon outing. Overall the show was really good, I thought it would be more grand and larger in scale based on some of the live videos we watch.

We we disapointed Murray was not in attendance, he had to return to Australia for a family situation (hopefully nothing serious) anyway we missed him but still had a good time. They did have a stand in Ringo who did a great job, he is def younger so it seemed he was more active on stage.

Big entrance in "The Big Red Car"

They sang all our faves with friends Dorothy, Henry, Wags and Capt. Feathersword we sang, clapped and danced along!

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