Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Yellow Door Activity

It has been about 3 weeks since I signed on with Yellow Door, and it is full steam ahead to get ready. There is hardly a day that goes by without receiving, supplies, display pieces, hardware etc. I have also been furiously sewing, and have extra hands at night thanks to my husband. I have managed in the last few weeks to complete a total of 158 items, and it is actually *more* items then this as some of these are sold in sets. I am trying to average about 10 items a day completed.

I have 2 new offerings for Yellow Door, boxed accessory sets, and 3/12.00 bagged sets. I often do 3/12.00 items, but have new packaging for Yellow Door, since I need to price individually I had to switch up my normal displays.

The box sets are mostly coin purses with a matching pocket mirror and/or key fob. Pictured below, I still need to do a closure, which will most likely be elastic cord.

Boxed accessory sets, I will have 15-20 of these by grand open

I have revamped my 3/12.00 items into lunch sack style cello bags, bought online from etsy shop InTheClear, and Labels from WhiskerGraphics. I think this is an awesome presentation, each set includes a mini coin purse, pocket mirror and tissue cozy, with tissues of course.

3/12.00 sets, I should have about 20 of these ready for grand open 11/1/10

I have just about everything I can get for displays for now, when I see the space I will make some additional choices to complete my area. I have been all over including Ikea, Home Depot, Home Goods, you name it. I stopped at The Home Depot and got the paint swatches so I could decide upon colors, I am pretty sure I will do a two tone booth using the 2 green choices, I need to shop for fabric for table coverings, which I am still deciding on this as well.

Paint choices left, yellows, mushroom and greens. My two tone selection right

Stopped into Catching Firefly's on Saturday to pick up post cards to hand out everywhere, I blab it up and hand out these lovely cards.

Grand Opening: November 1st, 2010!

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