Thursday, September 9, 2010

Venturing into Retail Yellow Door Artists Market

I ALMOST cannot get my head around my latest endeavor. I will part of a new artist market, Yellow Door opening in a nearby city. As I look to further develop my handmade life off line this ground floor opportunity came along. An intense 24 hours of planning and decisions and with the full support of DH I am going for it! It really does not seem real yet, but no time to delay as I only have about 6 weeks to get ready.

First about Yellow Door, it will be in a nearby city Berkeley that has a downtown area with shops and antiques stores, cafes, brewery' s. It is being opened by the owner of Catching Firefly's and popular local gift shop.

Lots to do like get items ready for retail, pricing and packaging. Also there is my space to plan, I will have a "core space" which will be 9 foot x 6 foot, like having craft show booth open seven days a week. Below is a store in NC in which Yellow Door is being modeled.

Lots and lots of lists so much to plan and prep I am making quite a few lists to help me stay on track with all my plans. I hope to post about this often so follow me to see how it all goes...and wish me luck!

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Donna said...

I wish you lots of luck and hope you have a lot of fun doing this! I hope you document the process, it sounds very exciting.

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